Practice Reading 1 – The history of the guitar

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Choose  NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from  the passage for each answer.

1      Despite  differences in _________________ , ‘guit-‘  and ‘

2        Instruments   that we would  call acoustic  guitars  have been made  and played for approximately  __________

3      No one knows the   _______________  when  the first six-string  guitar  was made.

4      The   _____________ of acoustic  guitars  have not changed  much in 200 years.

5      A  ______________ for an electric guitar  was issued in the mid-1930s.

6       Les Paul, the well-known   ______________  guitarist,  was involved in the development   of the electric guitar.

7      Most ______________  of the guitar know little about its rich history.

Questions 813   – Complete  the summary.

Choose NO MORTHAN TWO WORDS from the passage for each answer.

Instruments   similar  to the guitar  have been played by musicians  for over 8 ________    years. What  we know about  many of these instruments   comes from 9  __________   rather  than actual physical examples  or music played on them.  In some ways, these early stringed  instruments   were closer to 10  ___________ than  the guitar as we know it today. We do have examples  of six-string  guitars  that  are 200 years old. However, the  11 ____________  of six -string  guitars  made by guitar  makers  (who are also known  as 12  ______________  ) before the final decade  of the eighteenth  century  is often open to question.

Although  the electric guitar  was invented  in the  1930s, it took several decades  for electric guitars  to develop, with the company  Rickenbacker  playing a major  part  in this development. Most  13 ______                                  electric  guitars  in use today are similar  in design to guitars produced  by the Fender  Musical Instruments   Company  and the Gibson  Guitar  Corporation in the 1950s.